Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions

Computer Applications I - Designed to teach, review and emphasize proper keyboarding technique. Additionally, students will be introduced to and taught various technology skill sets to improve employability. Career and college readiness is integrated throughout the course. Programs used include Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Proper research techniques using the Internet will also be emphasized. Students will practice and enhance career and technical readiness through use of Microsoft Office, networking, and various on-line/web based programs.

Computer Applications II - A half-unit course designed as a continuation of Computer Applications I. Further development of the Microsoft Office Suite will be emphasized. Various business correspondence will be introduced including memos, proper business letter format, outlines, reports using MLA style, etc.

OCC - BUS 105 Financial Accounting (3 credits)

An introduction to accounting as a means of recording business activities. This course includes a study of the classification and recording of original business transactions, the preparation and evaluation of financial statements, and the application of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. The course will incorporate appropriate technology to include spreadsheet and presentation software in the instruction process. Prerequisite: MAT 087 or permission of instructor.

OCC  - BUS 101 Introduction to Business (3 credits)

This is an introductory course designed to give the student an overview of the impact of business on society. The course is intended to aid the student in obtaining a clear understanding of the way in which contemporary business functions through the interrelationships of marketing, management, and finance. It is not open to students with previous credit in BUS 121 and/or BUS 230.

OCC - CSC 110 Program Design and Development (4 credits)
Computer Programming 1 and 2

This is a language dependent introduction course on computer program design and development. Emphasis is on the identification and solution of business problems through systems of computer programs. Programs are described and designed through such tools as program flowcharts, structure charts, and pseudocode. Within this framework, programming languages are treated as tools which can be selected, as appropriate, to implement the designs.

Business Organization and Management - A half-year course that introduces students to a conceptual understanding of management and leadership, including their functions and styles. It is designed to promote useful citizenship and aid the students in the development of the leadership qualities important to a successful quality of life. The course addresses leadership and management skills as well as employability skills and other topics relevant to the quality of youth leadership. Successful completion of this course qualifies for three-credit hours at Morrisville State College for their course, Business Organization and Management (BSAD 116.)

Career and College Seminar - A half-year course that provides a foundation for a successful school-to-career/school-to-college transition after high school. Students complete self-assessments to analyze interests and skills and use computer/online research to explore careers and college programs to select a career pathway/college major. Emphasis is placed on selecting an appropriate college as well as completing the college application and all necessary components including essays and letters of reference. Each student will prepare a personal portfolio and e-portfolio. Job shadowing and internships are available in this course.

Business Occupations- This half unit course is designed to develop career awareness through exploration of careers and self. Employability skills are introduced and stressed throughout the course. Students are introduced to such topics as time management, business organization, communication skills, and budgeting.

Web Page Design- A half-year course designed to provide students with a background in web page design and creation. Students will use available software to design their own web page. HTML coding is introduced. Adobe Dreamweaver and Fireworks are used to create websites and banners.

Advanced Web Page Design - A half-year course designed as a continuation of Web Page Design. In this course students continue working on web pages developed in the first course. Additional features of Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Flash will be introduced to the student.

Business Ownership and Marketing- A one-unit course designed to provide students with a background concentration in marketing. Retail and sports and entertainment management will be emphasized. Content of this course will include selected skills necessary for success in this field. It is also designed to introduce students to the important role that entrepreneurship and small business plays in our economic system. Throughout the course students will have the opportunity to evaluate their own interests, skills, and abilities as potential entrepreneurs and/or small business managers.

Electronic Information Processing- A one unit course which provides the opportunity to acquire new office skills while reinforcing those learned in earlier courses. Students will be introduced to more advanced features of the Microsoft Suite. Students will have the opportunity to sit for the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exams.

Entrepreneurship- This one-unit course emphasizes the interrelationship of basic business functions with the common goal of the business, the primary objective being to enable the students to perceive the common components of business as they relate to the whole. Students will prepare Business Plans that will prepare them to start their own business. Students will work with professionals in the field to obtain feedback and implement their plans. Participation in Virtual Enterprise is included in this course. Successful completion of this course will qualify for three credit hours at Onondaga Community College.

Accounting- This one year course is designed to develop occupational competencies in bookkeeping. Course content encompasses the complete accounting cycle and provides opportunities for incorporation of computer utilization into the instruction. Successful completion of this course will qualify for three credit hours at Onondaga Community College. This course also qualifies as a third unit of math credit.

Advanced Accounting- This one year course is offered as an extension of the accounting course. The introduction of additional topics involving more complex accounting applications significantly extends the basic accounting course. Spreadsheets and computerized accounting is emphasized.

Career and Financial Management - This half-unit course provides students the opportunity to explore different occupational subject areas and acquire career and college readiness skills. The Personal Resource Management module is designed to develop and apply concepts in the effective management of personal resources - human and economic. This course is required for all CTE programs.

Innovation and Technology - This half-year course emphasizes technological innovation in today’s ever changing world. This course will be approached with a sense of adventure utilizing new technology to teach and new technology to learn. The course is taught using a Project-Based Learning approach, a dynamic classroom approach in which students actively explore real-world problems and challenges and acquire a deeper knowledge. This course emphasizes a hands-on approach to provide the student with specific applications of computer technology in business and industry.

Computer Programming - This half-unit course is an introduction to computer science and for all students interested in developing software applications, not just using them. Through a project-oriented approach, students will explore a variety of programming systems and languages to create interactive applications and systems. By collaborating in a hands-on environment, students will learn problem solving, software design, debugging strategies, and the foundations of computer science. Students will work on projects in the areas of graphics and games, animation and art, electronics systems, 3D programming for animation, and interactivity. Successful completion of this course will qualify for three credit hours at Onondaga Community College.

Business Law - This one-unit course emphasizes the relationship of business law to an individual’s personal life as well as occupational life. Applications of laws as they affect individuals and businesses are featured. Completion of this course qualifies for Participation in Government credit.