Course Expectations


Course Description:  English 10, a program of literature and literary non-fiction, has been designed to develop further competency in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Preparation for the CCSS English Regents continues on this grade level, enriching and strengthening students’ understandings of literary elements employed in the literature, as well as an introduction to rhetorical strategies and purposes employed in the literary non-fiction. As well, English 10 further develops students’ vocabulary, grammar, and habits of mind and thinking skills. Thus, students will read and write extensively from multiple genres. As well, students will write several papers of varying length, culminating in the required 10th grade research project/paper.


Required Materials

  • Binder with folders, 5 dividers (for bell ringers, vocabulary, literature, writing, and AoWs), and loose leaf paper
  • Blue or black pens


Attendance: Attendance is extremely important. We all have to miss a day of school once in a while, but it is YOUR responsibility to make up missed work from that absence. I will not chase you down to make up work. If you are out, and a major assignment/paper is due the day you are out, you need to send it in with a friend or relative. If you miss a quiz or unit exam, you will have one week to see me to make it up. If you fail to do so, you will receive a zero. If there are extenuating circumstances, please let me know and other arrangements can be made.


Tardiness: Tardiness will not be tolerated. Arrive to class on time and be in your seat before the bell rings. If you are tardy 3 times you will receive detention. Further tardiness will result in a referral and a call home.  


Homework: Homework is an essential element of instruction and will be assigned regularly. In order to strengthen our skills and learn to our fullest potential, homework is a necessary evil. I will never assign homework that is just “busy” work; it will always be pertinent to class. Therefore, I expect ALL homework to be completed and turned in. Not turning in homework will result in a ZERO. If you don’t do your homework, you will NOT do well in English 10.


Late Work: All assignments are important. Therefore, I expect all assignments to be handed in on time. For each day an assignment is late (unless it was an excused absence) you lose 10 pts. Any assignment can (and should) be made up for partial credit until it has been graded and returned to students (or reviewed in class).


Bell Ringers: Every day when you come in to class there will be a bell ringer to complete. These activities will be practice in grammar, vocabulary, or whatever skill we are currently learning about in class. When you first arrive to class you should begin your bell ringer immediately (without having to be reminded). Bell ringers will be collected and graded at random and should always be completed.


Vocabulary & Literary Terms: Expanding one’s vocabulary makes one a better reader and writer. Therefore, each Monday you will be given 10 new vocabulary words in context to learn. You should have a separate section of your binder for weekly vocabulary. Throughout the week you will be assigned vocabulary practice, culminating in a vocabulary quiz every Friday. The quiz involves knowing the words’ definitions as well as being able to use the words in context, therefore completing the practice and studying is necessary to pass.


Article of the Week (AoW): Two of the major elements of the Common Core State Standards are focuses on close reading and non-fiction texts. One way that we will work on these skills will be with the bi-weekly AoW assignment. Every other Friday a non-fiction article will be assigned that you must closely read (and annotate) and respond to in a one-page paper. The annotated article will be collected in class and your one page typed essay will be submitted through Google classroom on the following Friday (so you will have one week to complete the assignment). AoWs will count as writing grades (30%).  AoW essays will only be accepted through the Google classroom.

Essays/Writing: All essays must be typed, double-spaced, page numbered, 12-point font, and stapled before you come to class. Always make a copy and save. Lost/unsaved work will not be an acceptable excuse. (This includes broken USB drives and printers.)

No funky font. Use size 12, Arial or Times New Roman, and standard 1-inch margins.

Correct spelling and punctuation are expected as a minimum requirement and are counted as part of one’s grade. Please use computer programs, a proofing partner, or ask the teacher for help well before the essay due date.

Cell Phones: Cell phone use in class is strictly prohibited. You are here to learn and cell phones are an unnecessary distraction. Cell phones are to be off and put away at all times. If you are caught with your cell phone (out or making noise) it will be confiscated and returned at the end of the class. Continued infractions of the no cell phone policy will result in your phone being turned into the main office, a referral, and/or parent/guardian contact.

A cell phone charging station is available in the back of the room for students who would like to remove the distraction and use class time to charge their device. Students are not to retrieve their device from the charging station until the end of class.



Tests                                        40%

Essays/Writing                        30%

Quizzes                                    20%

Homework/Class work             10%    



* Please review this syllabus with your parent/guardian, make yourself familiar with its contents, put it on the first page of your English binder, and return the attached sheet with you and your guardian’s signatures.