Course Expectations

Course Expectations

Spanish A/B Course Objectives:

  • Students will begin to communicate by means of speaking, listening, reading, and writing activities as well as learning a vast array of useful vocabulary in the target language.
  • Students will develop cross-cultural skills and enhance their understanding of the culture and customs of the various civilizations in the target language.
  • Students will develop a portfolio of their work throughout the course which will assist them with organizational and study skills as well as final exam preparation/review upon culmination of the course.

Spanish B Grading Policy:

There are five categories which are each worth 20% of the student's overall grade. The categories are:

  • Homework
  • Quizzes
  • Class Participation
  • Binder and Bellwork Checks
  • Exams and Projects

Classroom Rules:

- Be prepared for class with all required materials daily
- Be punctual arrive to class on time daily
- Be attentive and listen to directions the first time that they are given
- Be respectful to the teacher, students, and other property in the classroom
- Be willing to learn and have fun


It is YOUR responsibility to make up any work that was missed from an absence from class. You will have one day per absence to make up work.


Extra Help:

I am here to help you succeed. Please see me in advance if you would like to stay after-school (period 10) for extra help or to make up an exam. I am available Monday through Thursday during period 10 (unless there is a teacher meeting) to assist you.