High School Library Rules

1. If you are here with a class, your teacher’s rules are in effect

2.Study hall students:

7-8 grades: No electronics. They should be in your locker.

9-12 grades: Electronics can be used for personal music use, calculator functions, or assignment use. You must be doing schoolwork with your device. NO Facebook, random photos, texting, phoning or gaming. I will confiscate your device if you fail to follow these rules and you will pick it up in the office.

You must have work to do. Homework, reading, or research. No games.

Chatting kept to a minimum. You can speak quietly to each other.

No food or drinks. Messes are left behind and we get mice.

We are going to implement an honors lounge, a silent reading corner, and an after school gaming club. All of these will be subject to eligibility and attitude.