African-Pen Pal Project



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This year we will be working with Peace Corps Volunteer Michael Ohonbamu, who is stationed in Swaziland (a nation in Southern Africa). He is from New York City (the Bronx), and is currently a student at the University of Michagan, participating in the Master International Program. He is also a Urban Youth Development volunteer.

Michael has just finished his initial Peace Corps training and has recently arrived in Swaziland. He will be working at Ebenezar High School teaching life skills classes, and many of our students will be communicating through letters and/or projects with his students this year! As we start communicating, I will update details and pictures---Michael has just sent me these pictures of the school and some students, and we look forward to sharing pictures and details of Canastota with our new friends in Africa!

IMG-20150916-WA0000 PCV Michael Ohonbamu

IMG-20150917-WA0006 students