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CHS CTE-Business Students Participate in Mock Interview Day

Znuj and Stevens

On May 10, nearly 30 business students and FBLA members participated in a Mock Job Interview Day held in the High School Media Center.  Working together with the Canastota Chamber of Commerce, and CTE-Business instructor, Mr. Esposito, they coordinated the event that matched business professionals with business students to conduct mock job interviews.  Prior to the interview, students were required to prepare a resume.  Upon arrival to the interview, students were greeted at a Welcome Desk and given a job application (provided by the Chamber of Commerce) to complete prior to entering the interview. 

Mock interviews provide students with an opportunity to test out their interview skills with someone who isn’t evaluating them for an actual job. Some additional benefits include helping students reduce stress and anxiety about interviewing, boosting self-confidence, providing constructive feedback in a low-stress environment, and by helping students prepare for potential interview questions.

Special thanks to Chamber of Commerce President, Jim Caldwell, for helping to obtain business professionals to assist and for participating in the event.  Thanks also to Chamber of Commerce members and area business professionals; Lois Brown, Joel Arsenault, Jeffrey Ticconi, Charlene Barres, Amollia Grossman, Rick Stevens, Peter Finocchiaro, Sharon Barker, and Joe DiGiorgio, for offering their time to interview our students. 

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Did you Know


21% of college students become business majors.

18 - 26% projected job growth in fields through 2014:
Accountants - Auditors - Personal Financial Analysts - Public Relations

Median incomes for top college majors:
Acountant $36625 - Financial Analyst $61910 - Admin. Manager $62290
Public Relations $43830 - Computer Systems Administrator $58190
(Bureau of Labor Statistics)


Communication Skills
Computer Skills
Interpersonal Skills
Interview Skills
Teamwork Skills
Goal Setting Skills
Resume Writing Skills
Financial Literacy

Business Education Provides Career and College Readiness Skills to All Students
Basic Skills (reading, writing, math)
Knowing how to learn
Knowing how to communicate
Being a creative thinker and problem solver
Possessing a high level of interpersonal skills
Ability to show leadership
Ability to set goals
Occupational competencies