Course Expectations

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ELA 7                                                                 E-mail:

Mr. Zlatniski                                                                          Phone: (315) 697 – 2003

Room 123

Course Overview

            Welcome to English class!  In this class we will be reading and discussing many novels, fiction and non-fiction, as well as informational articles.  You will be able to read critically and analyze the texts that you are given.  You will also be reading independently some days.  At the same time you will learn to write critically in response to questions based on our readings and you will be able to provide evidence to support your response. 

            Your grade will be based on the following factors:  classwork/participation, tests and written assignments, quizzes, and homework.  Near the end of the marking period there will be a Quarterly test that will cover the marking period’s topics.


            You are expected to attend class and be on time.  If you are late you should have a pass.  If you are tardy without a pass you will get one warning, the second time you will get a teacher detention.

**If you are absent it is your responsibility to get missed work or notes from me upon your return.

Class Rules

            I expect you to follow my simple classroom rules:

  1. Be respectful (to me, each other, yourself, and school property)
  2. Be responsible (by doing your work and coming to class prepared)


            Each day I would like you to bring a writing utensil (blue or black pen, or a pencil), your three-ring binder, loose leaf paper, any assignments that are due, necessary handouts, and the reading material we are working on that day.

Extra Help

            If you would like, or need, extra help I would be more than happy to assist you.  I am free 2nd period every day and 10th period Monday through Thursday.  I only ask that you let me know before coming in those periods.

Grading Policy

Homework                                        15%

Classwork/Participation                    20%

Quizzes                                              25%

Tests and Written Assignments         40%


*You are expected to complete all assignments on time.  Late homework will receive up to 75% if turned in by the end of the due date. Homework turned in the next day will receive no higher than a 50% and after that it will be a 0.


            I want you to know that you are encouraged to contact me with any questions or concerns that you may have in regards to your student and their education.  I have provided my e-mail address and the phone number for the main office, which will be able to transfer your call to my room.  Please only call after 2:20PM.

Thank you and I cannot wait to have some fun this year!