Meet the Teacher

Hey Raiders!

My new home is Room 223 in the Junior High School.

I am teaching Social Studies 8, Psychology and Regents US History Review this year.

I love learning about Current events, as well as studying the past. I spend (maybe too much) time watching the news and any historical program or movie I can find. I also have a large collection of historical books and writings. My husband jokes that we don't have room for any more!

I am always trying to keep up with my very active son. He plays three sports and is just learning how to play the Bass. Our house is filled with Legos, including the Death Star. Our family loves Star Wars and superheroes. 

My husband and I both attended SUNY OSWEGO, but did not know each other until we worked together after college. We both love baseball even though we root for different teams.

We like going to the movies and watching TV shows including Gotham, The Flash and Arrow.