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Banner by Nick Dansby '20 Canastota FBLA members Attend Fall District 7 Conference FBLA Picture

The 2018 New York State FBLA District 7 Fall Conference was held at Herkimer County BOCES on Friday, November 9.  Eleven Canastota High and Jr. High members attended along with close to 70 members from throughout Madison, Oneida, and Herkimer counties.  The meeting was planned and conducted by the New York State Vice President for District 7, Andrew Fox, a sophomore at Little Falls High School.     

Workshops were presented to the membership in attendance on topics such as Attending College, Motivational Speaking, and Resume Building.  Canastota members, Carly Cashel and Matt McDermott, presented a workshop on FBLA 411.  Lucas Barnello and Payton Shirley presented the FBLA Program of Work, and Emily Case presented a workshop on Scrapbooking to the members in attendance. 

While at the meeting, the following Canastota members were appointed to serve as District Officers:  Emily Case, District Historian; Carly Cashel and Matt McDermott as Co-Treasurers for District 7.

The next district meeting will be held on January 4 at Morrisville State College.  

Drama Club Presents Gone With the Gust

By Kendra Evans

Play flyer

This year's Drama Club production is Gone With the Gust by Tim Kelly. The play is about the auditioning process of young girls hopeful to play the role of the century, Jezebel O’Toole.


Traditionally senior Drama Club members choose the play. Senior Maddy Milligan said her reason for choosing this play was “Bells, bells, bells,” which she says will make more sense come opening night.

Many hours have been spent preparing for the play, from building sets to rehearsing on Sundays since September.

This years directors are Mrs. Kelley Brenon and Mrs. Tina Davis. While Mrs. Brenon has been directing the fall plays for over a decade, this is Mrs. Davis’ first year on board. Mrs. Davis said that on-stage productions have “always held a certain magical quality in [her] eyes” and that “the opportunity to be part of this year’s production provided [her] a chance to share in that magic.” Mrs. Davis says that the experience has been “truly rewarding” and that “we have a talented cast of amazing students.” Mrs. Brenon said the play has been a “great experience” and that “the kids have been very helpful, and have been working really hard, and it’s been very enjoyable.”

The play is November 9th and 10th at 7pm. Tickets are $7 for adults and $5 for seniors and students.

CHS Welcomes New Assistant 

By Hayley Patane

Mr. KennedyCanastota High School has recently welcomed a new assistant principal, his name is Mr. Kennedy. Mr.Kennedy is new to administration, having recently received his administrative degree from SUNY Cortland. Mr. Kennedy became an administrator for the first time on July 2nd of this year when he began as assistant principal here at CHS.

Mr. Kennedy attended high school at Holland Patent and was an all-state tuba player. He attended college in Hartford, Connecticut at Trinity College. While attending Trinity College he was a double science major in Biology and Environmental Science. He received his masters at Utica College, to become a teacher. Mr. Kennedy also studied abroad for one year and five months in New Zealand, another five months in Australia and one month in Cambodia, Malaysia, and Taiwan. During his time spent in Australia he played lots of pick-up rugby and while doing so knocked out his two front teeth!

Mr. Kennedy will spend a lot of his summer at Camp Jabberwocky, which is one of the oldest sleepaway camps for children with disabilities. He has volunteered there for the past 16 years and generally spends his entire summer there. In his free time, he enjoys doing CrossFit, which is a workout and plays basketball on an “old men's pickup league” on the weekends. His passion in life is working with children with disabilities.

As assistant principal at Canastota Mr. Kennedy hopes to build lasting connections with students and show them that the administration really does care. Mr. Kennedy was asked if he were to win the lottery what would he do instead and he said: “ I would donate some money to Camp Jabberwocky, and make it a year-round camp, with hopes of being the director of their winter program.” Even if he won the lottery he would not quit his job. The children are his passion. Welcome to CHS Mr. Kennedy!

Canastota High School donates 14 Christmas trees
for our military men and women.  

Thanks to FFA, Jr. High Student Government, HS Student Government, FBLA, the Freshmen Class, and Canastota District Donor Days, we were able to raise funds to pay for 14 trees.  Trees will be shipped to service men and women throughout the US.  Trees for Troops

Truly Terrific Trout Trip

by Bailey Doxtater

On October 16th, members of FFA (Future Farmers of America) and the Agricultural Science class took a trip to Morrisville State College for the Trout in the Classroom Workshop. The 17 students who attended, chaperoned by Mrs. Burnor, went to the aquaculture center at Morrisville State College. There, students learned how to spawn trout and assisted in artificially fertilizing the fish. They got to observe the different life stages of the trout and learned about different types of fish. The students toured different facilities, including the wildlife museum. They learned about biosecurity and got to see a student’s project where he was breeding seahorses. One of the students who attended, Jessica Kimball, reporter for FFA said that her favorite part of the trip was seeing the baby seahorses, which were only hours old. Kyle Hale, president of the Canastota FFA Chapter said that his favorite part was touring the environmental science wing because it’s what he wants to do in his future.

Fishing 1Fishing 2
Congratulations to Newly Inducted National Honor Society Members Honor Society
Congratulations to the following students who were inducted into National Honor Society this evening. Aside from having a cumulative GPA of 89.5 or higher, these students also exemplify character, leadership and service in our school and community. The new inductees are: 

Seniors:  Zach Blanchard, Rosa Galavotti, Kara Hyde, Meghan O’Dell                

Juniors: Isabella Barry, Audrey Mascareno, Joshua Heckerman

Sophomores:   Luke AckermanRichelle Brown, Kendra Evans, Ashton Morris,  Kaitlyn O’Dell, Carson Rowe, Emily Snyder, Carolyn Van Slyke, Carley Wood, Nathan Wood

Students Attend Leadership Summit Youth SummitThe first meeting of the Youth Leadership Summit was held on October 23 at Madison Oneida BOCES.  Component districts are invited to send a team of student representatives to three meetings throughout the school year.   The theme for this year’s Summit is “Building Community.”


Each district team’s goal is to develop plans which will benefit students, their districts and their communities.  An emphasis on this year’s planning will include:

  • dialogue and planning process regarding issues that are important from student perspectives related to building community.
  • focus on opportunities to build community and develop a plan of action that addresses a youth related issue.
  • taking action locally in order to improve on self, others and their communities.
  • consideration of community service projects and volunteerism and student leadership.

The Canastota team consists of advisors, Liz Garofalo and Lisa Visalli and the following students:  Carly Cashel, Luke Ackerman, Matt McDermott, Jacob Malbouf, Logan Hood, Payten Shirley, Bryson DeMott, Kendra Evans, Lee Hannan, and Lucas Barnello.  The next meeting is scheduled for February.

Photo:  Carly Cashel, Payten Shirley, Luke Ackerman, Jake Malbouf, Lucas Barnello, Logan Hood, Lee Hannan, Kendra Evans, and Bryson DeMott.  Absent:  Matt McDermott

Canastota School Hosts Blood DriveRed Cross By: Eden LaRonde

It’s back to school time again, which means, that the Annual School Blood drive has come and gone. This year the drive was held on September 13th. This date is earlier than blood drives in the years past, due to scheduling. In total there were twenty volunteers and 21 donations. Fortunately, those who were unable to donate due to a sports event or a scheduling issue will have the chance to donate in the upcoming blood drive on November 11th, which will hopefully between the end of the fall and the start of the winter seasons. If you wish to donate in the upcoming blood drive you must be at least 16 years old. 16-year-olds must have a permission slip signed by their parent and read a sheet regarding tips and procedures when it comes to donating blood. If you wish to receive a permission slip for the upcoming blood drive, speak with Mrs. Tucci, or check the outside of room near the time of the drive. Thank you to all those who donated, and everyone who volunteered! To those who are planning to donate in the upcoming blood drive, remember to drink lots of water and eat healthy before your appointment to give blood.

To Germany and Back Again
By Angel Hall


Last year CHS senior Nate Leinberger took part in the foreign exchange student program and spent his junior year in Germany. Upon his return, I sat down with Nate to ask him about his experience. Here's what he had to say. 

Angel: Why did you decide to go to Germany?
Nate: I wanted to go on the exchange because I wanted to improve my foreign language skills. Germany because I have ancestry there.

A: What was your first initial reaction of it?
N: My German is not as good as I thought and it's not all that different.

A: What was it like living with a host family? Did they speak any English?
N: I lived with two. The first spoke very broken English, and didn't want me there. The second spoke very good English and wanted me there so I liked them.

A: Have you been able to keep in touch with them, or any of your friends from Germany?
N: Yeah I text them all the time.

A: How do schools in Germany differ from Canastota?
N: My school was indescribably strange.

A: What was strange about it? How was it different?
N: I'm pretty sure it was a cult.

A: How does home life in Germany differ from Canastota?
N: Simultaneously a lot more relaxed and stressful. They stress education more but are very relaxed when relaxed. There's no in between it's 0 or 100 there.

A: What kinds of things did you do to relax in Germany? What did you do for fun?
N: Bike riding.

A: What were your favorite things to experience about German culture?
N: My favorite part of the culture would have to be the food.

A: How long did it take to get used to speaking the language?
N: I didn't understand anybody until the 4th month.

A: How do you think the foreign exchange student program has affected you the most?
N: I have a different perspective and a new appreciation for where I come from.

A: Would you recommend the program for other students?
N: Oh yeah. 

Empowering Freshmen Seminar - 2018

By: Emily Case

On Friday, September 28, close to 100 Canastota High School freshmen boys and girls attended the second annual “Empowering Freshmen Workshop” held at Theodore’s in Canastota.  Spearheaded by Canastota High School teachers Kelley Brenon, Liz Garofalo, and Lisa Visalli, this workshop proved to be a powerful forum that discussed relevant issues facing our students today. 

Assisting with the workshop were our School Psychologist, Brenda Jenkins and Guidance Counselor, Brandi Bostic. Facilitating the male portion of the event were Principal; Jay Altobello, Assistant Principals, Drew Kennedy and Stan Congden; and teachers Sean Dwyer, John Slater, and Guidance Counselor, Bob Mengucci.   The plan for this workshop was developed three years ago after teachers reviewed a survey that was given to previous 9th graders.  In the survey, the 9th graders were asked a series of questions ranging from “What they would change during their freshmen year” to “What advice would they give to the incoming freshmen.”  The workshop was so successful last year that it was decided to make this an annual event.

The workshop provided a safe place for open discussion to enlighten our freshmen girls with self-confidence, self- respect, and self-esteem; and our freshmen boys with such topics as respect, teamwork, leadership, and integrity.   Guest speakers from the community were on hand to discuss prevalent issues pertaining to young students today.  Speakers included Marcia Laidlaw, Deb New, Don New, and Coach Jake Smith.  Current junior, Emily Case spoke candidly to the group of freshmen.  

Chief Zophy and Officer Paladino talked about social media to each group of students.  During the afternoon session, members of KidsOneida also facilitated activities for each of the groups.  Throughout the workshop, the students participated in team building activities.  The day proved to be not only motivational, but inspirational to all those in attendance.  A follow-up meeting is planned for November.

FBLA members assisted the event by preparing invitations, certificates, and thank you notes.  They also prepared all of the folders and contents that were given out to each student in attendance.   Emily Case gave a presentation to the group about bullet journaling

While at the seminar, Emily case took time to ask a few of the girls what they would take away from this seminar and what they might change moving forward.  Freshman, Alexis Clark, said “I learned that people have their own back stories and some people think that one life is harder than another.  I mean we all have hard lives and we go through bad experiences.  What I took from this is that I learned how to get to know more about a person and about how they feel and if they are going through a bad experience, I want to help them.”  This workshop evidently had a positive impact on incoming high school students.  So much so, that club attendance could be on the rise for upcoming years.  As part of the confidence boosting day, the freshman were encouraged to become more involved in school activities.

By Abbey Timmins and Hayley Patane
Girls Homecomingboys homecoming

Homecoming week begins Monday the 1st of October, and so does the infamous spirit week! To start off this thrilling week, Monday is ‘Merica Monday, so sport all your red, white, and blue. Tuesday then goes on to the school favorite Tuesday Twin day. On Wednesday students and staff will sport purple to celebrate the life of recently passed Canastota student, Coby Stevens. Thursday brings theme day for students in grades 9-11 and the annual toga day for seniors. This year’s theme is “United as One” so each class voted on a state for their theme to dress and decorate their homecoming float. Seniors chose Hawaii, Juniors Florida, Sophomores California, and Freshman Texas.   Thursday evening is the annual Homecoming parade and bonfire, which will start at 6:30. Spirit Week comes to a close on Friday with Raider Pride Day and the Pep Rally where we will celebrate fall athletes and award the Bronze Onion to the class who has shown the most spirit. Friday night will be the official homecoming football game at 7:00 against Little Falls. To end Homecoming week, Saturday evening is the Homecoming Dance which will be held at the school from 7pm to 10pm. Crowning of this year’s Homecoming King and Queen will take place at 9:45.

Congratulations to our 2018 Homecoming Court! 
Patrick Armstrong, Lucas Barnello, Colbey Bixby, Kenneth Coe, Sam Debrucque, Sam DiGeorge, Ethan Findlay, Samuel Snow. Kacey Cashel, Jennifer Fiore, Taylor Kutzuba, McKenzie Leahey, Mackenzie Michell, JoAnna Musacchio, Devin Lee Robinson, Loryn Wilcox
Voting for the 2018 homecoming King/Queen will be will take place at the homecoming dance. The dance is a semi-formal and will take place on Saturday, October 6th at 7:00. Cost is $10.00. Hope to see our high school students there!

Reading is Fundamental By: Emily Case As the new FBLA year continues, many chapters are beginning to set new goals and plan to achieve even more than before. With New York State FBLA’s charity being Reading is Fundamental, Canastota FBLA has BIG plans to contribute. The goal of this organization is to provide the tools needed to improve child literacy around the country by giving children the opportunity to read more. Our chapter plans on holding a book donation at our school to raise awareness and volunteer by reading to elementary students. Other ways that chapters can help include also holding a book donation, raising money for donation, or purchasing through AmazonSmile instead of regular Amazon! It’s the same prices, same service, but still supporting RIF! To learn more about Reading is Fundamental, visit

Blood Drive

September 13, 2018
Canastota High School
Coordinated by Canastota National Honor Society

You may sign up on this Google Spreadsheet:


Canastota High School FBLA Members Attend National Leadership Conference in Baltimore, MD


July, 2018
More than 13,000 of America’s best and brightest youth traveled to Baltimore, MD as they showcased their talents as future business leaders and vied for the opportunity to win over $200,000 in cash awards.

Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda (FBLA-PBL), the largest and oldest student business organization, held its National Leadership Conference in Baltimore from June 29–July 2. Participants from across the United States and three countries were in attendance for this exciting conference to sharpen their core business skills, expand their networks, and participate in more than 65 business and business-related competitive events.

Three Canastota High School members, Emily Case, Carly Cashel, and Lucas Barnello, attended the conference with their advisor, Mrs. Elizabeth Garofalo.     

While at the conference, the Canastota members participated in competitive events, attended workshops, and served as state voting delegates in charge of electing the new national officer team.  Members attended and completed a two-day leadership training, Institute for Leaders. Emily Case represented the state in the Local Chapter Annual Business Report event as well as the Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure event.   In order to qualify to compete at the national level, members had to first finish as a top qualifier at the State Leadership Conference held in April.

During the trip, members were able to visit the National Aquarium, Washington, DC, the Smithsonian Museums, as well as attend the Orioles vs LA Angels baseball game at Camden Yards.

Canastota FBLA would like to thank our generous donors for their help in achieving this goal:

Canastota Central School District  
Lorraine Bruno Arsenault – Bruno Properties
Canastota Chamber of Commerce
Dr. James Colocotronis
Cerio Law Office
New York State Bus Sales
Securities and Investment Advisors